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In 2021 I started conversion of the soundtrack of the game Dungeon Master for SNES. While building arrangements, I included parts of the other Dungeon Master game soundtrack as a link between them. This work is currently in progress.

ShortDesc. Music Title Length Format Year
DM-SNES 00 Introduction 1:09 MP3 2021
DM-SNES 01 Entrance to the Dark 4:10 MP3 2021
DM-SNES 02 Hall of Champions 3:47 MP3 2021
DM-SNES 04 Chambers of the Guardian 3:39 MP3 2021
DM-SNES 03 Battle of Screamers 4:05 MP3 2022
DM-SNES 05 Room of the Gem 4:42 MP3 2022
DM-SNES 06 Matrix Forever 4:00 MP3 2022
DM-SNES 07 Requiem Before Your Doom 4:14 MP3 2022
DM-SNES 08 I Hate Cowards 4:00 MP3 2023

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